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You instilled any trust I had lost towards lawyers

“I would like to extend my extreme gratitude and a sincere thank you on behalf of not only myself, but also my wife in regards to all your work you performed for is during this difficult time. The tireless hours you performed under such extreme time frame difficulties, the moral support and also more importantly, the empathy and compassion you displayed to me, was far and beyond anything I have encountered, even in my work. As you were aware, the previous firm we had employed was an 18 month long horrible experience and you all have now changed my opinion towards your profession and instilled any trust I had lost towards lawyers. It was not the result I was looking for but at least it gives myself and my wife some sort of closure. Once again, thank you very much and as we discussed Antonin, I am happy for you to place any of my positive comments on your website. “

Brendan Shinnick, Compensation