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WorkCover Independent Review Office – IRO Lawyers

*WIRO is now known as IRO (Independent Review Office)

WorkCover Independent Review Office (WIRO) established the Independent Legal Assistance and Review Service (ILARS).
This service provides access to free, independent legal advice to injured workers, through the provision of a grant, where there is a disagreement with insurers regarding entitlements.

Waker Law Group are approved by IRO, we make sure injured workers have access to our expert legal representation , Walker Law Group practice regularly in workers compensation matters. We work with WIRO to help with grants of legal assistance or disputes that cannot be solved. A grant will be provided if there is an arguable chance of success.

The NSW Government established the WorkCover Independent Review Office (WIRO) in 2012 as part of its reforms of the State’s workers compensation system. WIRO is an independent statutory office established with a variety of roles, which include dealing with complaints about insurers as well as managing the provision of legal assistance for injured workers.

Our principal Steve Walker is an accredited specialist in personal injury law and has acted for individuals against giant insurance companies for the past decade. He has run over 6300 successful insurance claims which translates into $486 million for his clients. He is a lawyer that is passionate and knows how to stand up and fight insurance companies.

He knows the ins and outs of the workers compensation scheme because he deals with it every day. He knows the insurance companies and the tactics they use to minimise compensation payouts because he used to work for them. And he puts this knowledge to the best possible use, maximising client’s compensation payouts.

Walker Law Group Workers Compensation Lawyers can help reduce red tape, time and costs for injured workers, employers and the Workers Compensation Scheme and aim to resolve disputes with claims quickly and easily

Work capacity reviews Injured workers have the right to ask the insurer for an internal review of their work capacity decision. If they disagree with the decision, they can ask for a merit review by WorkCover NSW. If the worker is still not happy, IRO can conduct a review of the insurer’s procedures, which is a review of the insurer’s original work capacity decision.


Walker Law Group Workers Compensation Lawyers will evaluate your case and determine if an application for a grant of legal assistance will be made to IRO to help you pay for your legal fees and medical reports so that you receive your proper entitlements

After you contact Walker Law Group we will work with IRO:
Review the facts and circumstances
• Contact the insurer on your behalf to obtain any further information we may need
• Attempt to resolve the complaint or
• Investigate, report and make a recommendation then follow up on it.

To get the best advice on your workers compensation claim, you need to see Walker Law Group Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney, fully Accredited Personal Injury Law Specialists. Call today on 1300 363 013 or email to discuss your claim for compensation with the best in the business.