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Work Injury Damages Claim a Fall From High

Workplace Injury – Fall from High

On 30 January 2019 our client was instructed by his employer to attend premises at Blacktown for the purpose of performing internet services.
Upon arriving at the site, our client became aware that the installation services required included aerial work for which he was not trained, authorised or certified to perform (the aerial work).

Our client contacted his employer and refused to perform the aerial work.
The Employer did not accept our clients refusal and instructed him to perform the aerial work.
In order to perform the aerial work, our client was required to work at a height of approximately four metres.
Our client used a ladder to perform the aerial work.
As he climbed the ladder, our client slipped and fell a distance of approximately four metres.

As a result, our client sustained injury, loss and damage.

• Traumatic brain injury;
• Cervical injury;
• Injury to the right shoulder and arm;
• Psychological injury.

Victim of a Workplace Accident.

Steve Walker & Sharron Vogel from Walker Law Group have been successful in a Workplace Injury Claim.

Hi Sharron and Team,

I wanted to shoot you an email to thank you again for your services. Throughout these trying times, your positivity and support have been a guiding light. We could have never received the proper compensation without you and your incredible team.

After my accident it was incredibly stressful for me an my wife (who was working from home and helping me recover) dealing with insurance companies and sorting medical appointments along with the state of health that I was in, it was a very stressful time. It was my first time ever involved in any type incident such as this, I was so lost and confused!

Luckily, we discovered your services from the husband of the patient that was in the bed next to mine in ICU (at the same time I was). Her husband happened to be a retired solicitor, he apparently approached my wife and gave her your firms details (Steve Walker) he spoke very highly of this firm.

You were able to make sense of the multiple demand letter requests, and medical documents that kept my case on track. You always made sure to follow-up, and you reminded me of important meetings or phone calls.

I’m so happy we were able to receive a successful verdict thanks to you and your amazing team. I feel like I can finally start a new chapter in my life after 4- 5 yrs of uncertainty. I am forever grateful for your professional services and legal advice.

Good luck to you and your associates to more future successes!.

Thanks & Best wishes,

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