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Windy Conditions Causing Injury Compensation Claim

A Northern Beaches Club Injury  resulting in Compensation Claim  – $100,000

A pole hit the claimant at a Manly club and injured his chest and caused PTSD.

Injuries: Chest Wall, Thoracic Spine, Right Shoulder Injury Compensation Claim 

The subject accident occurred on 2nd December 2018 at approximately 2:00 pm in the afternoon. The incident occurred at the Club on the edge of Sydney Harbour.  It was very windy in the afternoon. Our client recalls that he was sitting at a small cocktail table on a stool when the incident occurred. He recalls that because it was a very windy day all of the umbrellas around the tables had been tied down except for one umbrella. This umbrella was being used to provide shade to a guitar player and was attached to a rope. The umbrella was a large garden umbrella, with a steel pipe at its tip. Our client had just started on his first beer. He recalls that he looked up and saw the big garden umbrella had come loose due to a heavy gust of wind and was flying towards him. Our client did not have time to take evasive action. The steel pipe at the end of the heavy garden umbrella impacted our client at its point, on his right upper chest wall with blunt force. The impact of this event knocked our client off the back of his chair and he fell onto the ground. Our client recalls that he slowly rose to his feet in shock. He initially felt as though he was going to die. He became aware of excruciating pain in his right chest wall and shoulder region. The large commercial garden umbrella flew over the railing near our client’s table and into Sydney Harbour. he recalls that he was assisted by bystanders.

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High wind umbrella accident manly sydney compensation lawyer



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