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What’s involved in a Work Cover claim, what can I get and why do I need a lawyer?

What’s involved in a Work Cover claim – The work cover legislation is extremely complicated. There are 3 main benefits under work cover;

Weekly payments based on incapacity and wage loss
Medical expenses for treatment and rehabilitation
A tax-free lump sum entitlement for impairment.
The thresholds and calculations that determine the quantum and longevity of weekly payments are complex. There are also a lot of considerations in relation to treatment obligations. The tax-free lump sum entitlement depends on the date of injury and proper interpretation of the impairment guides. It is critical that this aspect is assessed properly. No lawyer is allowed to charge the injured worker for legal work. The work is paid separately by a government body known as the Workcover Independent Review office (WIRO). Steve Walker is an accredited provider.

In certain circumstances a negligence-based claim can proceed against the employer depending on the facts and achieving a threshold. It’s extremely important that the impairment is assessed properly and fully because it is the gateway to so many other work cover entitlements.

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