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What you should know about Insurance Agencies

What you should know about Insurance Agencies when seeking Compensation

Insurance companies make it difficult for you to receive compensation. It is absolutely critical to have skilled Personal Injury Lawyers protecting your Rights.  Anyone who has dealt with Insurance Agencies will tell you the same.

It’s important to note that insurance companies may immediately begin calling persons involved in an accident to gather statements (usually recorded).

Our advice to our clients is NOT to give recorded statements to the other insurance companies based on the fact.  What can happen is that many of these organisations can and will use such comments to directly influence the level of compensation awarded for any injuries sustained.

It may come as no surprise that the insurance companies will typically do whatever they can to avoid paying out the correct amount of compensation to those that are injured and indeed entitled to payment.

If an Insurer does decide to honour a claim on injuries that you have sustained, the settlement offer may not be an appropriate amount given the financial and economic cost of your injury.  Insurers agencies are known for employing all sorts of tactics to minimize claims they are responsible for.

Sadly, some victims end up taking the offer as they lack the awareness of knowing their full legal rights.  At Walker Law Group, we know how the insurance claim process works, because many of us have worked for these insurance companies!  We know what evidence to gather and how to calculate and present a claim for damages.

Without such guidance from our Accredited Personal Injury Lawyers, it’s difficult to navigate how to handle insurance claims with insurance companies.

Steve Walker our Principal of Walker Law Group has had many years experienced fighting insurance companies. If you want a Personal Injury Law firm who will get you “results not talk” call our office today 1300 363 013

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