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Trip and fall on a sidewalk – Northern Beaches

Trip & Fall Compensation Lawyers Northern Beaches Sydney

We have successfully resolved a trip and fall case in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.  An elderly lady tripped on a damaged sidewalk which was in shadow and therefore arguably not an obvious risk.

She suffered major injuries and ultimately required a reverse shoulder replacement.Slip trip fall compensation northern beaches

The case could not be quantified until after the surgery had taken place.

The case resolved for a six-figure amount which took into account pain and suffering; past and future medical and treatment expenses and also past and future domestic assistance.

There were times in the 3 years my case took to resolve that I wondered whether it was all worth the effort. Well, it was. Antonin Sebasta put in a Herculean effort at the end of the period and was like a dog with a bone – wouldn’t let go until he had moved mountains which he pretty well did, achieving a settlement for me almost twice what he had anticipated at the outset. His negotiating skills with large organisations were awesome.

Rotten business but if you can hang in with Antonin you can be sure he will give more than his best shot on your behalf.

Am thrilled with my settlement.

Patricia E, Fairlight, NSW


P. Evans