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Trolley Travelator Injury at a Supermarket in Dee Why

Another great settlement last week for Sharron Vogel.  An 83-year-old lady sustained shoulder injuries when the wheels of a trolley at a popular supermarket in Dee Why failed to lock into the travellator.  She lost control of the trolley and it careered into a wall, bouncing back and causing severe injury to her shoulder, chest, face and resulted in a fall.

Her injuries required surgery and a gamut of specialist medical professionals including a Respiratory Physician, a General and Trauma Surgeon, an eye specialist, a cardiologist, an Occupational Therapist and GP’s, which meant that the out-of-pocket expenses have been significant.

She suffered an ongoing loss of movement to her arms and shoulders as a result of the dislocations and fractures.  She lived with constant pain, had an inability to lift heavy objects, had visible scarring from both the incident and the surgery, she had disrupted sleeping patterns and obviously still endures distress & anxiety.

It was found that the Supermarket failed in providing a duty of care and was in breach of the Work Health & Safety Act 2011.

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