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TPD & Workers Compensation Claim for a Hospital Cleaner

We have been successful in a TPD claim for our below client.

A TPD Claim (Total & Permanent Disability) is when a worker has been injured and can no longer do the work to the level that they were once able to (nor are likely to ever be able to work to that capacity).

A TPD claim could entitle you to a lump sum payment if you have suffered an injury or illness that prevents you from returning to work in the same capacity.  Such a benefit payment could cover medical costs (now and in the future), cover accrued debts and could provide you with a source of income to assist in day-to-day expenses for you and your family.

The Walker Law Group team have also been successful in a Workers Compensation claim and are now running a Personal Injury Damages claim for our client who has left us a kind message of appreciation below.

Injured worker: Mr Smith*

Occupation: Hospital Cleaner

Workplace:  Hospital

Location: Northern Rivers

Accident: Mr Smith* slipped over in the bathroom on handwash.  As a result of the fall, he suffers ongoing debilitating back and leg pain. He has since had two surgeries on his back.

Result: His Workers Compensation was resolved for 28% WPI (Whole Person Impairment). You must have 11% or more whole person impairment for a physical injury to be entitled to receive a whole person impairment payout in NSW.

ProcessThe TPD lodged in December 2021, and was successful in April 2022 for $200,000 plus his account balance of $100,000.

Successful Claim Processed within 4 months resulting in $200,000+

Morning Steve, I would just like to say from me and my family thank you and your very professional team for helping me through this period in my life and for what is to come. Also, the way in which you handled my case u don’t know how much this means to me. Also, Olivia and Maddie have no problems when I ring to answer my questions and are such beautiful women in every way.  Thank u once again, you guys are the best.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. Smith* and the family

* Name has been changed for privacy reasons.

Does this case sound familiar?  If you think you would like to make a similar claim, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Level of disability – Are you suffering a minimum level of disability?  Are you able to continue to do your job in the same capacity? Or are you able to work at all?
  • Your superannuation fund – Was cover is included in your superannuation policy?
  • Length of time / Waiting periods – Policies may require a waiting period after the date you sustained injury. So they can better determine the full extent of damage your injuries have caused.
  • Employment history – There may be a minimum requirement of employment before you are eligible to seek a TPD payout.

How do I make a TPD claim?

Call Walker Law Group early in the peace.  The sooner you get legal advice, the less you are likely to suffer lengthy delays and unnecessary hurdles.

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