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Top 10 funded compensation law firm by IRO

Independent Review Office (IRO) announced Walker Law Group is one of the best Compensation firms in NSW

Today, key team members of Walker Law Group were invited to attend a meeting with The Independent Review Office (IRO). The IRO undertake an extremely important function in the workers compensation scheme in the great State of NSW overseeing both grants of funding for injured workers and resolving complaints lodged by or on behalf of injured workers.

The meeting today was prompted by the IRO advising Walker Law Group of becoming a top ten funded firm for the first time in IRO’s history. 

It was a valuable experience today to meet with the IRO and their team and discuss industry insights in general and our firm’s performance specifically.  We look forward to developing an even stronger working relationship with the IRO in the future.

WLG IRO Approved MVA Claims Lawyer NSW

IRO Team WLG Compensation Claims NSW
IRO Team WLG Compensation Claims NSW
IRO Team: Phil Jedlin, Donna Heaton, Margot Undercliffe, Michael Vella, Jeffrey Gabriel, Simon Cohen, Christine Ornelas

Great work team in relation to the productive meet this morning with the excellent people at IRO and for achieving TOP 10 in the State as a workers compensation firm.


Whilst we have no trade Union support and without a massive advertising budget ( we don’t need it !) and without the benefit of the time advantage or the 100 year history that others in this category have had Walker Law Group has moved to a top tier status law firm in assisting injured workers in this state – a testament to our excellence and reputation.


I am very proud of the firm we have built together, a team of experts that I have handpicked as the best in their field and of which I am confident is the most nuanced finely tuned team of workers compensation experts in NSW.



Steve Walker