Travelator Shopping Injury

Shopping Centre Travelator versus Trolley

Shopping accidents involving Travelators, Escalators and Lifts are becoming more commonplace. Quite often, centre management can be uncooperative when dealing with slips, trips and falls, and the true ailment doesn’t become apparent until the victim is home and trying to go about day-to-day business. With the case below, we were able to prove the large shopping centre … Continue reading Shopping Centre Travelator versus Trolley

Psychological Injury Claim for Bullying and Mistreatment

I represented my client in his psychological injury claim against his employer for Work Injury damages caused by bullying and mistreatment.  Van is quite close to retirement age yet we recovered $185,000 in addition to compensation already paid. Dear Steve, I have received the balance of the settlement money. Thank you. My heart felt thanks to you, … Continue reading Psychological Injury Claim for Bullying and Mistreatment

Challenging Section 78

Challenging Section 78 Workers Compensation Claim Denied in NSW Our client’s weekly payments were stopped and her previous solicitor had gotten her a lump sum payment. Walker Law Group investigated the claim further and found our client had gotten worse.  Our Workers Compensation Lawyers were able to make a further lump sum claim for her. Her claim … Continue reading Challenging Section 78

Trauma and Brain Injury after a fall at work

Trauma and Brain Injury Compensation – $140,000 + Medical Expenses We have successfully fought for another client in Kensington who suffered a work injury.  As a result of the fall down stairs, my client suffered a number of injuries including brain injury.  After many years of frustration, rehabilitation, appointments and perseverance – we were proud to deliver the … Continue reading Trauma and Brain Injury after a fall at work

Bus Injury Compensation Lawyers

Bus Injury Compensation “Another Compensation Win For Walker Law Group” Bus injury Compensation – Regarding Mark C, he suffered injuries to his  neck, lower back and left knee on 19/3/2015 when he struck by a bus in Sydney’s CBD whilst visiting Sydney for work purposes – he lives and works in Western Australia.   He made a … Continue reading Bus Injury Compensation Lawyers