Slip fall footpath injury arm warriewood lawyer claim

Slip & Fall on a footpath in Warriewood

Our 58 y.o. client slipped on a footpath located at Warriewood Valley Sports Ground, Warriewood, and broke her shoulder.

She got a significant payout from the council which was an excellent result.

1. On 14 June 2018 and at all material times the defendant had the care, maintenance and control of a footpath located at Warriewood Valley Sports Ground, Warriewood (the footpath).

2. Part of the footpath connects the playing fields with the car park.

3. At this point, the footpath slopes in all directions down to a stormwater drain that is located at the bottom of the slope.

4. The stormwater drain was not positioned flush with the concrete of the footpath but protruded the surrounding footpath.

5. As a result, the footpath was a tripping hazard for users of the footpath exercising reasonable care for their own safety.

6. The concrete surrounding the stormwater drain was the same colour as the path with no delineation of the fact that is sloped and as a result, a person such as the plaintiff exercising reasonable care for her own safety could not discern the tripping hazard.

7. The tripping hazard in the footpath tripped the plaintiff causing her to fall to the ground and sustain injury.

Slip fall footpath injury arm warriewood lawyer claim

(a) Injury to right arm;


Sharron Vogel handled my case in a trip and fall claim. She was so supportive and gave me the confidence to pursue the case.

I was very happy with my settlement and would highly recommend her.

I would like to thank you again for all your help and support throughout the case.

I’m very grateful and happy with the outcome.

I am reminded every day living with my injury that I’m glad I pursued with the case.

The council needed to take responsibility for their negligence, at least I know no one else will get hurt.

All the best


Acting Lawyer, Sharron Vogel