Travelator Shopping Injury

Shopping Centre Travelator versus Trolley

Shopping accidents involving Travelators, Escalators and Lifts are becoming more commonplace.

Quite often, centre management can be uncooperative when dealing with slips, trips and falls, and the true ailment doesn’t become apparent until the victim is home and trying to go about day-to-day business.

With the case below, we were able to prove the large shopping centre was negligent and managed to successfully put our case forward.

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“My elderly mother was injured due to the negligence of a major shopping centre through the use of one of their trolleys which was not designed for the travelator. The family was concerned at taking legal action however Steve Walker got onto them quickly and resolved the case in about 8 months for close to $300,000 – (without having to commence court proceedings) and the cost and disbursements were only 10% of the total settlement sum!  The family and especially my Mum are all very happy with the work Steve did.”

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