Sydney Repetitive Strain Neck Shoulder Injury Compensation Lawyer

Duty of Care by a Retail Store

Work injury due to repetitive work (neck pain) causing negligence?

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What happens when a large department store ignores its Duty of Care?

Our client had an ongoing concern for her neck comfort and flagged the need for headsets due to making multiple customer calls.  She suffered neck injury due to holding the receiver against the ear and the shoulder, to avail her hands for typing and administration.

Physical neck and left arm injury and secondary psychological condition was disputed under section 74 of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Comp Act 1998.
RSI neck injury lawyer sydney

It was also uncovered that there was a breach of confidentiality of Workers Compensation by the manager in an open office.

Our client made a Physical Injury & Psychiatric Injury Claim as a result of bullying, mind games & manipulation by their former workplace.

Based on the initial Doctor’s restrictions a department Manager has developed suitable alternate duties.

Weight restrictions (2kg max per hand) and observe postural cues.

If you find yourself in a similar position where the tasks that you have been assigned by your workplace are making you sick or injuring you, and you have made a claim to no avail, please call Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers.  We will guide you through.

Sydney Repetitive Strain Neck Shoulder Injury Compensation Lawyer