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Public Transport Injury Accident Compensation

Public Transport Injury Accident Compensation – Public transport accidents can happen when you’re travelling on a bus or other public vehicle and are involved in a road and traffic accident. The causes of these incidents vary and people injured in public transport incidents have a right to compensation under the New South Wales Road and Traffic Compensation Scheme.

If you were injured in a public transport incident you may suffer problems ranging from mild to severe including back issues, breaks and sprains as well as psychological damage.

A lot of people assume that injury compensation is only available if you are in a road and traffic incident where private vehicles are involved. The New South Wales Road and Traffic Compensation Scheme extends to public transport incidents involving buses and other public transport vehicles on the road.

If you have suffered an injury after being involved in a public transport accident then you need to speak to a Compensation Lawyer to get the best legal advice you can on your entitlement to make a claim for compensation.

The Law Society of New South Wales has acknowledged Steve Walker & Antonin Sebesta as Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law. People in the know just refer to them as the Compensation Lawyers who are Big On Results, Not Talk!

Why should you see Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers Sydney? If you had a brain tumor you’d see a specialist not your normal doctor and the same holds true if you have suffered an injury in a public transport accident – you need to see a specialist who has years of experience in getting compensation for people who have suffered damages in public transport incidents. You need to see Steve Walker and Antonin Sebesta, Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers Sydney.

Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers Sydney will sit you down and talk you through the areas for which you can receive compensation including money to cover your medical and rehabilitation expenses, money to cover any financial loss you’ve incurred by not being able to work, money for pain & suffering and money for domestic assistance both paid and gratuitous.  Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers Sydney will be able to advise you on any lump sum payments you are entitled to in the event that accident has caused you a permanent impairment meaning an injury that is not going to improve and return to its pre-incident state.

If you have suffered an injury after being involved in a public transport accident then you need to seek legal advice immediately and you need to make sure that the legal advice you receive is the best legal advice possible.  Walker Law Group Injury Compensation Lawyers Sydney –  Steve Walker & Antonin Sebesta – are the team you need to see to get the best legal advice.

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