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Psychological Injury Compensation and Trauma – What can I do?

Psychological Trauma and Compensation

Unlike physical injuries, where the accident or traumatic event is more easily identified, determining the cause of a psychological trauma injury often requires more investigation and is a more complicated picture.

Psychological injuries are serious.  They often creep up slowly and cause significant and long-lasting damage.  Quite often, people that are suffering may not even realise that they are (and have been) affected and in these situations, it is often our loved ones that will highlight the decline.

When this happens, the road to recovery can seem impossible and further frustrations may occur if your workplace or an insurer does not properly understand the severity of your situation.

You do not have to do this alone – we are here to help.

What is a psychological injury?

Psychological injuries can take many forms, however, anxiety, depression, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) are three common conditions.

As is the case with mental health conditions, these injuries can present very differently for people in terms of symptoms and the time take for a person to identify that they have indeed sustained a psychological injury.  Common symptoms reported by our clients include panic attacks coupled with the feeling of helplessness, breathlessness, agitation, flashbacks, insomnia and lack of concentration.  We encourage you to seek urgent medical attention if you are experiencing any of these systems.

Psychological injures at work

Workplace injuries affect your psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Bullying is a common cause of psychological injury in the workplace.  Safe Work Australia defines workplace bullying as repeated and unreasonable behaviour directed towards a worker or group of workers that creates a risk to health and safety.  This behaviour can take many forms and often lead workers to develop depression and anxiety, which can hinder your ability to deal with the day to day aspects of your life.workplace bullying compensation claims lawyer sydney

Some examples of workplace bullying include:

  • abusive or offensive language or comments;
  • aggressive and intimidating behaviour;
  • belittling or humiliating comments;
  • practical jokes or initiation;
  • unjustified criticism or complaints.

At Walker Law Group, we are experienced in representing full-time employees, part-time and casual staff, subcontractors, essential services, and government employees.

Psychological injuries are serious. They impact your ability to do your job, find work and to look after your family and yourself.

Motor vehicle accidents – trauma and psychological injury

Psychological injuries are not only limited to the workplace and can also arise as a result of a persons’ exposure to a traumatic event including following a car or motorcycle accident.

Those of you that have been involved in a road accident understand that the impact can be both immediate and long-lasting.  In the case of more serious accidents including witnessing or experiencing serious injury or death, individuals may develop anxiety, depression or even a psychological reaction in the form of PTSD.  The symptoms of these conditions will vary and can include things such as survivors guilt and flashbacks as well as a psychological sequel as a consequence of pain killers and addiction.

What sort of compensation can I claim?

If you feel that you cannot continue to work in the same capacity that you did prior to your accident, you may be able to make a compensation claim.  Your superannuation policy may cover Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim in relation to mental illness (which includes PTSD, depression and anxiety) alternatively you may be able to make a claim for worker’s compensation with your employer.

Loss of wages, out-of-pocket medical expenses, pain and suffering and ongoing medical observation can be extremely expensive.

Our experienced compensation lawyers will guide you through your rights and help ease your financial suffering for you and your family.

Walker Law Group – How we work

After our obligation-free assessment of your case, we will run through the specifics with a view to getting the evidence needed in order to win and maximise the compensation payment that you receive.

Engaging us early allows us to set you on the right path from the start.

What if I’ve started with another Law Firm?

That doesn’t matter.  We will manage the process of migrating the case over to us and fighting for your rights.

Can I really challenge the medical reports?

Quite often the medical team that assesses your case do so at the instruction of the insurer.  It is important, therefore, that you have the opportunity to seek further independent medical opinions when bringing a personal injury claim.

At Walker Law Group, we engage reputable forensic experts and are experienced when it comes to challenging medical assessments and denials made by the insurer.

How much compensation can I really claim?

We know psychological injuries are a tricky area of the law to navigate.  Your compensation claim will vary depending on your level of impairment, the date of your injury and the relevant area of law that will govern the claim.

Compensation takes many forms and can include payment of a lump sum, weekly wage payments and/or cover for ‘reasonable’ medical expenses (such as rehabilitation, hospital, personal and household services, ambulance services and occupational expenses) depending on the type of claim that is brought.

We will always consider the plethora of avenues that your recovery may take in order to secure the best outcome for you.

Successful psychological injury claims

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