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6 month Compensation Claim for a Psychological Injury

Workers Compensation Claims can be very difficult to steer in matters of psychological injury and trauma. 

We were honoured to be able to assist our client with a great lump sum compensation within 6 months!


 Here’s the backstory.  Our client came to us after seeing 3 other lawyers for the same matter.  The reason she came to Walker Law Group was that her case was denied by the insurer, and the insurer was not approving any treatment her GP requested.  Therefore the case was at a standstill.

Our client suffered a complex psychological injury.

She was diagnosed with persistent cognitive dysfunction, a Major Depressive disorder with anxiety and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

She worked as a Senior Remote Training Co-ordinator for an Employment Services Provider.  We were able to get an outcome for her lump sum compensation claim within 6 months, this one was an extraordinary outcome, we made a claim for an increased WPI and the insurer agreed on the higher 22% based on their report.

See? Your life does matter, and it certainly WAS worth fighting for!

Is 6 months a quick turnaround for a case like this?

Yes, to gather clinical notes, obtain report from treating psychologist and arrange Independent Medical Examination (IME), ask insurer to review their denial which involves them arranging their own IME.  It was a great turnaround time!

What is insurance IME?

Independent Medical Examination (IME) — a medical or psychiatric evaluation to determine the current status of an employee’s medical condition or to determine whether the condition is related to employment.

Do you think the higher WPI awarded by the insurer meant they knew they overlooked certain things?

No, it meant we brought forward strong medical evidence that they couldn’t argue with and revoked their denial.

What is WPI?

WPI stands for Whole Person Impairment.  It is the percentage of disability rating to the entire body.   It is also referred to as permanent impairment.

The assistance provided for my case was first class. I was needing assistance to navigate the workers compensation system after 3 major law firms were reluctant to touch my complex case.

My case was of a highly sensitive nature with a complex psychological injury.

Steve, Olivia and the team at Walker & Associates assisted me with referrals to quality and much needed rehab who had experience in complex cases and injuries. The team assisted in making decisions for me, when I was overwhelmed and struggling.

Steve knew when to make the applications so I would get the assistance I greatly needed. A very non-judgmental and patient team who are people driven, not in it for the money.

Olivia showed empathy and patience when dealing with my meltdowns and high needs. Highly recommend them.

As I said, three other firms said no to my case. Steve didn’t back away from my challenging and complex matter and the end result exceeded all our expectations.

Most importantly, they and those they referred me to, made me feel that my life mattered and was worthy and worth fighting for.

If you are frustrated with the progress of your compensation claim, or are unhappy with the outcome of your WPI, then give Walker Law Group a call.


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