Psychological injuries arising out of employment

Psychological injuries arising out of or in the course of employment

The Applicant sustained psychological injuries arising out of or in the course of his employment with Genesis Care Pty Ltd (‘the Respondent’) and was assessed by Dr Michael Hong as having 17% Whole Person Impairment.  The Applicant was receiving weekly benefits at the maximum statutory rate however they ceased for 22 weeks from 13 August 2020 to 13 January 2021.

The Insurer, iCare, issued a section 78 Notice disputing liability and the Applicant’s entitlement to lump sum compensation, weekly payments, and medical expenses. The Applicant filed an Application to Resolve a Dispute (‘ARD’) in the Personal Injury Commission (‘PIC’) and iCare responded with their award estimates for weekly compensation and request that the Applicant’s claim for lump sum compensation be stood over pending maximum medical improvement (‘MMI’).

On 5 July 2021 in a Certificate of Determination, the PIC laid down the amount of compensation payable by the Respondent to the Applicant and adjourned the resolution of the claim for permanent impairment compensation pending a medical assessment indicating MMI has been reached.

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