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Personal injury compensation Claims

Because workplace and car accident injuries are so common, the government has passed special legislation providing for their insurance and compensation. However people get injured in many other situations. In these cases the common law of negligence provides for personal injury compensation.

The law of negligence defines the degree of care that people must take to avoid harming each other. Broadly speaking, if it is reasonably foreseeable that a person’s actions may harm you, the person must take reasonable care to avoid causing you that harm, and will be liable for your losses caused by that harm.

The principles of the law of negligence apply to all sorts of harm, but the concept of negligence was first developed to deal with personal injuries. People usually think of personal injury claims first when they think of negligence. Public liability arising out of a slippery floor at the supermarket, the uneven footpath that causes a trip accident, a dangerous product or medical negligence are all examples of incidents that might entitle you to make a claim in negligence.

The same act of negligence can have widely different consequences. A slippery floor can cause a person to sprain an ankle or suffer a fracture or dislocation. Or it might be much more serious: they might suffer a back injury or brain injury. These injuries can result in medical expenses, loss of income, permanent incapacity and pain and suffering. The law of negligence is a flexible tool to deal with all these consequences and provide for the recovery of all of these losses.

Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers have a wide experience in using the law of negligence to secure outstanding results for our clients. People are often surprised at the extent of the protection that the law of negligence provides. Regardless of the circumstances in which you have suffered a personal injury, it is certainly worth your while seeking advice to determine if you may have an action for damages.

Other branches of the law may also be relevant to a personal injury claim. For example you may also have a remedy under the Trade Practices Act in relation to an injury caused by a dangerous product.

In most cases resolving a negligence action will involve negotiations with insurers. Our team has a strong background in the insurance industry. We now use that experience to the benefit of our clients. This means that we know how to get a positive resolution from the insurers in the quickest possible time.

At Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers we dedicate ourselves to getting you the damages you justly deserve. Through our long experience in the field we fully understand the sense of frustration and anxiety that victims can feel as their medical bills mount and they are unable to earn income as a result of their injuries. We will work tirelessly on your case until we achieve a positive result for you: 24 hours a day, seven days a week if circumstances require. We offer our services on a no-win no-fee basis.

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