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Permanent Disability Compensation

How a model’s dream road trip around Australia went horribly wrong when her Jucy camper van was T-boned leaving her with a broken back and facial scarring.

  • Khilna Dave, 24, was left with a broken back and facial scarring after 2019 crash
  • The Kenyan born model was on a road trip to Byron Bay when her van was hit
  • Allianz has refused to pay out compensation claim for permanent disability

While the rental car company’s third-party insurer Allianz paid some initial medical costs, the assistance stopped there.

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The group has denied her compensation claim for ‘ongoing pain and suffering’ as she was not deemed to have suffered permanent disability.

At the time a doctor assessment found she didn’t qualify.

But after seeking legal counsel from the Walker Law Group she got a second medical examination, who found she was well over the threshold for permanent disability compensation.

Ms Dave has recruited Sharron Vogel from Bondi Junction litigation agency the Walker Law Group to take on Allianz.

Her solicitor Sharron Vogel will be moving the case on to the New South Wales State Insurance Regulatory Authority’s Dispute Resolution Service.

She said the company should ‘treat her client better’ particularly considering the context of her as an international student paying exorbitant fees.

Ms Vogel said changes to the CTP insurance process have led to an increase in claims being rejected by insurance companies.

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If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation under the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme

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Permanent Disability Compensation Lawyer CTP Insurance Scheme