Su Min Lee


Su Min Compensation Lawfirm Parramatta Walker Law Group

Su Min graduated from Meriden in 2017 and is currently completing a combined degree in Bachelor of Laws and Arts at Western Sydney University.

She is particularly drawn to contracts, human rights law and the ways in which technology will develop the legal field. Su Min is dedicated to providing clients a supportive and helpful experience.

Su Min is on the Western Sydney University’s Merit Dean’s List. She also took part in the Designing Law Applications Competition 2023 at Western Sydney University and her group project achieved first prize.

Health Data Breach Guidance Tool: The Medical Data Breach Guidance Tool was developed for the Western Centre for Cybersecurity Aid & Community Engagement (WCACE) to help small businesses and individuals identify when there has been a medical data breach, what types of information would equate to identifiable data and give each inquirer tailored explanations and recommendations that suit their individual circumstances.

Su Min works from our Parramatta Office.