Madeleine Brown

Senior Associate
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Madeleine Maddie Brown Personal Injury Law

Madeleine graduated with her combined Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and Bachelor of Arts majoring in International Business in 2018.  Prior to joining Walker law Group in 2018, Madeleine volunteered with the Department of Justice and various legal charities including Salvos Legal, Legal Aid and the Aboriginal Legal Services.

IRO Approved Lawyer Sydney

In February 2021, Madeleine became an Approved Legal Services Provider by IRO (The Independent Review Office).  Approved Legal Service Providers are those that have been proven to be competent in the area of workers compensation.  By selecting an IRO Approved Lawyer for your workers compensation claim you are ensuring that your unique case is eligible for funding.

Madeleine’s professional experience to date has helped her to establish a strong client-orientated approach. Madeleine is motivated to help people to take control of their situation and is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for each client.

Beyond the law, Madeleine enjoys snorkelling, running and spending time with friends.

Madeleine was promoted to Senior Associate at Walker Law Group in 2022.

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