Kushal Kant


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P: 02 8046 9700

Kushal is a Partner at our Parramatta Branch and is an Independent Review Office Approved Solicitor.




“I believe in fighting for justice, restoring hope, and rebuilding the lives for those impacted by injury.”

Kushal currently manages the Parramatta Branch harnessing exceptional results for his clients in Workers Compensation, Work Injury Damages, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Public Liability, Medical Negligence and TPD claims throughout NSW.

He is proven to reach resolution by persisting for beneficial results for clients through processes such as arbitration, mediation, and litigation.

Key Published Cases

Zdanovits v Officemax Australia Limited [2021] NSWPIC 129
In this matter, Kushal successfully argued that two separate whole person impairment percentages ought to be added up to provide a final percentage, while the insurer argued they ought to be split due to the different dates on which they occurred among other reasons. Ultimately, the injured worker was able to protect his rights by adding up the two whole person impairments to receive a final result above the threshold.

Rail Corporation NSW v Aravanopules (2019) NSWWCCPD 65
In this matter, the injured worker’s appeal was won, and it was proven that the employer withholding statements and evidence from the injured worker was not considered ‘reasonable action’ under section 11A of the Act. The worker was ultimately awarded his rights and was successful in the appeal as a result.

Languages Spoken

English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu

Education & Accreditations

  • Bachelors of Law
  • Bachelors of Communications
  • Independent Review Office (IRO) Approved Solicitor

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Workers Compensation
  • Work Injury Damages
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
  • Public Liability
  • Total & Permanent Disability (TPD)
  • Civil Litigation
  • Medical Negligence


  • NSW Law Society
  • ALSP Solicitor