Dorsa Dawson

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Dorsa Dawson - Paralegal - Walker Law Group

Dorsa graduated from the University of Technology Sydney with a Bachelor of Laws. She completed her Practical Legal Training and was admitted as a lawyer in 2021.

A new addition to the team, Dorsa is starting out as a solicitor who specialises in personal injury and compensation law.

Dorsa has a passion for compensation law, it allows her to help make a meaningful difference in the lives of those who need support during difficult times.

Dorsa is fluent in both English and Farsi.

I am driven by the very real nature of compensation law, oftentimes people have their lives affected in such adverse ways that it’s difficult for them to know how to move forward. Fundamentally all clients are real people who need our help, many are not in a position to fully understand their rights, and I take it as my personal responsibility to help guide them and pursue rightful compensation with the compassion everyone deserves.”

Dorsa works from our Parramatta Office.