Alicia Tang

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Alicia Tang Compensation LawFirm Sydney

Alicia graduated from Strathfield Girls High School in 2019 and is currently completing a combined degree in Bachelor of Laws and Commerce (Information Systems) at the University of New South Wales.

In particular, Alicia is interested in torts, property law, and emerging legal technology.

Outside of her study, Alicia enjoys experimenting with different art mediums. Her HSC body of work was featured in the Art Gallery of NSW in 2020.

Alicia works from our Parramatta Office.


H2O ArmageddonAlicia Tang Artwork WLG Sydney
This post-apocalyptic artwork was created in response to the 2019 Murray–Darling Basin incident of mass fish deaths. It portrays the impending reality of aquatic pollution and over-fishing in today’s capitalist-driven society, prompting the audience to be aware and mindful of their actions.