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No Win No Fee Compensation

The No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers at Walker Law Group can assist you with every stage of your compensation claim. We are specialists in the area of compensation and personal injury and can use our expertise to help you achieve the most favourable outcome in your case.

Our No Win No Fee policy means that you will not pay any upfront legal fees for your case. You will only pay our legal fees if we win your case.

To find out if you are eligible for our No Win No Fee arrangement, contact Walker Law Group now on 1300 363 013 or email us at

No Win No Fee – Why do we do it?

No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers SydneyAt Walker Law Group, we hold a firm belief that every person should have access to quality legal representation. Not everyone has the money needed to fund their case, so at Walker Law Group, we offer a No Win No Fee arrangement which allows you to follow through with your case, without paying upfront. No matter your background, or income, if an individual has been wronged or set back due to an injury that was not caused by their own fault, then they should be able to pursue compensation.

We strive to assist in providing this opportunity to all through ensuring accessibility to our expert lawyers with our No Win No Fee scheme.

What kind of cases does the No Win No Fee agreement apply to?

Our No Win No Fee policy applies to a wide range of different cases including:

No Win No Fee – How does it work?

You will not receive any legal bills from Walker Law Group throughout your case and will only have to pay our legal fees in the event that your case is successful. This does not mean that you will not be liable for any fees at all.

It is important to bear in mind that, even if you are unsuccessful and do not need to pay our fee, you will still be responsible for paying the legal fees of the other party.

There may still be legal fees charged if you are successful. Walker Law Group may charge a ‘success fee’. This fee is usually reflected as a percentage of the settlement money for your case.

Who can ask for No Win No Fee?

While anyone can request to have their case carried out on a No Win No Fee basis, we will consider each case on its own merits prior to taking on the case.

Before we are engaged as your No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyer, we will assess your case. We will take into account several facets of your situation including, the legal merit of your case, whether you can afford to take on the case without the No Win No Fee agreement and whether you are aware of the costs for running your case. We will also advise you that if your case is not successful, then you will be liable for paying the other party’s costs.

While this is a standard aspect of all litigation, many people are not aware that even if you do partake in a No Win No Fee arrangement, you will still be liable to pay these costs. The other party’s costs can be very expensive so you must be prepared to bear the financial risk of losing your case.

No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers Sydney

What are our obligations under this agreement?

As No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers, we have numerous obligations to our clients. Prior to commencing any work, we will hold a consultation with you to determine if and how to proceed with your case. At this stage, we will provide you with a written disclosure of our likely fees and a retainer agreement.

Essentially, our fee and retainer agreement is a hire contract between yourself (the client) and Walker Law Group (the legal representative).  Like a traditional hire agreement, it will outline Walker Law Group’s obligations to their client and the client’s obligations to Walker Law Group.

There are several standard obligations that Walker Law Group make to our clients in our fee and retainer agreement including:

  • To uphold a professional standard of care including keeping all client information confidential and providing prompt and accurate legal advice, and
  • To consult with the client before any unusual expenses are incurred in their case, and
  • To advise and consult with the client if the estimated fees for the case are to substantially increase.

What are your obligations under a No Win No Fee arrangement?

As a client, you also have obligations to Walker Law Group under the No Win No Fee arrangement.  These obligations will be set out in our fee and retainer agreement.

For example, as our client, you need to be completely honest with us and disclose any and all information that may be relevant to your case. We cannot build a decent case without knowing all the relevant facts.

Another obligation is that you must follow our reasonable advice and cooperate with us.  If for some reason you do not agree with our advice, then you agree that we will engage an independent barrister to provide a further professional opinion.

Finally, you must agree to engage Walker Law Group until your case is resolved.

What if I am making a Workers Compensation claim?

If you are making a workers compensation claim, then your case will not fall under our No Win No Fee arrangement. However, your legal fees may still be covered by the ILARS as part of Workers Compensation Independent Review Office (WIRO)

To find out more about our No Win No Fee arrangement and to find out whether you are eligible to partake in it, contact Walker Law Group now. Our lawyers work on compensation cases every day and have up to date knowledge and experience in the area.

We are familiar with how insurance companies assess claims and can use this to help build a strong and well-evidenced case on your behalf.

To ensure that you have the best chance of winning your case, contact the No Win No Fee Compensation Lawyers at Walker Law Group on 1300 363 013. Alternatively, you can contact one of our friendly lawyers at

no win no fee compensation claims lawyer sydney