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A neck injury proving to be a work related

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We have received a Certificate of Determination in accordance with Section 294 of the Workplace Injury Management and Workers Compensation Act 1998.

Our client sustained an injury to her cervical spine during her employment as a registered nurse and was awarded a weekly compensation and section 60 expenses.

“ I turned my head really fast and I felt a crack in my neck. I had immediate pain in my head.”

Many painful months both at work and on leave until she underwent surgery, an anterior discectomy and fusion procedure at the C5/6, following the surgery, my client was not able to work.

It was questioned whether it should be classed as a work-related injury, the Doctor agreed it was, but the insurer didn’t.

Initially, liability by the employer’s insurer was declined which is when Walker Law Group was contacted.

“Even though the pain was bad, I continued being present at the meeting. After the meeting, I said to another colleague that I hurt my neck. I woke up the following morning with so much pain and also paraesthesia into my left shoulder and left arm. In the days preceding [sic], the pain significantly increased in the neck, left shoulder and left arm…”

Steve Walker helped the registered nurse through the process of appealing the original decision and were both happy with the outcome.

Neck Injury Workers Compensation Lawyers Sydney