Motor bike Accident Injury Claim Lawyer Bondi Sydney

Motor Bike Accident Claim Bondi

Motor Bike Accident Bondi – Another Successful Claim

Sharron has completed yet another successful Motor Bike Accident Injury Claim, her client, a French tourist (living here on a Student Visa) was extremely happy with the result.

Details of the Accident:-

Our client, a Bondi resident, was travelling to work on his motorcycle, when a car failed to give way at the Penkivil intersection and collided with him resulting in major trauma and numerous fractures.  Whilst unconscious, he was taken to St Vincents Hospital in an ambulance.

The at fault driver was charged with negligent driving.

As a result of these injuries, our client was unable to return to his job at a restaurant, and had to endue ongoing physiotherapy for his pain.

Documents filed included the Application for Personal Injury Benefits, and Certificate of Capacity / Certificate of Fitness.

Hi Sharron Vogel,

Thank you for the time, the talent and the expertise you have given to manage my motor bike accident claim. Through your active participation and analyse you have build each step of the case in order to assist and provide all the help I needed. Thanks you for all the support and the consistency to be helpful Until the end of the case.

Thank you again for your contribution, time and effort to help me.

Best regards


Motor bike Accident Injury Claim Lawyer Bondi Sydney

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