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Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017

Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 – Car Accident Compensation Lawyers

“The new Motor Accidents Injuries Act 2017 (in force for all motor accidents that arose on or after 1 December 2017) commenced with great fanfare from the NSW Government. It was introduced with the avowed aim of removing or at least reducing fraudulent claims for personal injury and allowing injured persons to claim benefits to compensate them from income loss and medical and treatment expenses for at least six months from the accident date, even if the injured claimant was at fault.

There was also the publicised advantage of not needing a lawyer for assistance with lodging or processing a claim.

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The reality could not be more different. Insurers are not communicating fulsomely and accurately with claimants about decisions regarding liability, causation, the extent of recognition of injuries being covered (the most controversial being the so-called “minor injury” exclusion after six months) and claimant’s rights to pursue a damages claim.

There are also important time limits to making claims, which have drastically reduced timeframes compared with the prior scheme with no recourse to extending the time in which such claims can be made.

Walker Law Group are here to assist with claims under the new Act. We are determined to see it through with you and will take whatever steps are required to finalise your claim, in the shortest possible timeframe.”

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