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Motor Accident CTP Claim PTSD Settled $400,000

Motor Vehicle Accident CTP Claim for PTSD settled for $400,000. 

Walker Law Group have been successful in a CTP Claim for our client below:

I wanted to say a huge Thank You to Sharron, who helped me after a MVA that left with me both mental and physical Injuries. Sharron was not only supportive but highly experienced in handling my compensation case. Sharron guided me every step of the way along with ensuring a fantastic settlement of $400K for my injuries. Having Sharrons support on this journey was a life saver and now I can move on with my life and continue my healing knowing my justice was served.

I am so grateful for you Sharron and the Team at Walker Law Group for being the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

For anyone in need of a highly competent and experienced  compensation lawyer you can’t go passed Sharron Vogel.

Thank you again for everything 🙏🏻

Kind Regards,


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CTP means “Compulsory Third Party” insurance.

This is a type of insurance that is mandatory in  Australia, and provides coverage for personal injury or death caused to a third party in a motor vehicle accident.

Yes, in Australia, CTP insurance is often referred to as “green slip” insurance, and it is a requirement for all registered vehicles. The coverage provided by CTP insurance can vary depending on the state or territory in which the vehicle is registered.

It is important to note that CTP insurance is different from other types of car insurance, such as comprehensive or third-party property insurance, which provide coverage for damage to the insured vehicle or property damage caused by the insured vehicle, respectively.

Yes, we have had many successes in this field, and have dedicated teams on CTP Claims.

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