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Medical Negligence Compensation $100,000 Settlement

Christine visited a local dentist to obtain treatment in relation to a number of different dental issues.

For about six months the dentist performed a number of procedures on Christine’s teeth including endodontic treatment, replacing a missing tooth and general whitening and cleaning of teeth.

Unfortunately for Christine, the dentist saw fit to try and perform much of the work herself without referring Christine to a specialist prosthodontist as well as a periodontist.   The suggestion was that this would save Christine time and money.

Unfortunately neither of these suggestions here and Christine found herself in a much worse position than prior to the treatment.  She sought the assistance of a specialist dentist who reported to her that the cost of repair to her teeth would be around $20,000.00.

Christine approached Walker Law Group to assist her with legal advice and shortly thereafter a claim was commenced in the District Court on her behalf.  Despite apparently being statute-barred Walker Law Group was able to successfully negotiate to allow the case to proceed.

Christine’s matter was set down for hearing in the District Court after evidence was obtained which confirmed a strong cause of action of negligence against the dentist and also quantified Christine’s claim in relation to damages.

The claim finalised by means of settlement in the sum of $170,000.00.  After expenses and medical treatment deductions Christine obtained $100,000 clear.

Christine found that she had more than enough to obtain or to spend on the dental treatment and was very happy with the result.