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COVID-19 Workers Compensation Lawyers

Are workers covered by workers’ compensation if they contract COVID-19? Workers’ compensation arrangements differ across jurisdictions, however generally to be eligible for compensation a worker: would need to be covered by the scheme, either as an employee or a deemed worker, would need to have an injury, illness or disease of a kind covered by … Continue reading COVID-19 Workers Compensation Lawyers

Workers Compensation COVID-19

Nurses and paramedics want COVID-19 compensation hurdle removed Nurses and paramedics want workers’ compensation laws changed to exempt them from having to prove a COVID-19 infection was contracted on the job and not at the shops or at home. The issue has been raised as the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA) reports it has been advised of … Continue reading Workers Compensation COVID-19

Brain Injury Compensation Lawyers

BRAIN INJURY LEGAL ISSUES Apart from the many physical and cognitive effects to deal with after a brain injury, there can also be many legal issues to consider. Because every person’s situation is unique, and because the law is different in each state and country, it is important to consult a Personal Injury Lawyer to … Continue reading Brain Injury Compensation Lawyers

Section 98 Workers Compensation Act

Section 98 of the Workers Compensation Act – Failing to comply Traumatised police officer takes criminal action after case manager EML dragged out workers’ compensation claim A former police officer who suffered “horrific and graphic traumas” from being trapped in a crashed squad car has launched criminal action after being forced to wait more than … Continue reading Section 98 Workers Compensation Act

Psychological Injury Claim for Bullying and Mistreatment

I represented my client in his psychological injury claim against his employer for Work Injury damages caused by bullying and mistreatment.  Van is quite close to retirement age yet we recovered $185,000 in addition to compensation already paid. Dear Steve, I have received the balance of the settlement money. Thank you. My heart felt thanks to you, … Continue reading Psychological Injury Claim for Bullying and Mistreatment

Challenging Section 78

Challenging Section 78 Workers Compensation Claim Denied in NSW Our client’s weekly payments were stopped and her previous solicitor had gotten her a lump sum payment. Walker Law Group investigated the claim further and found our client had gotten worse.  Our Workers Compensation Lawyers were able to make a further lump sum claim for her. Her claim … Continue reading Challenging Section 78

Section 283 Workers Compensation

What is a Section 283? WORKPLACE INJURY MANAGEMENT AND WORKERS COMPENSATION ACT 1998 – SECTION 283 What do you do if the insurance agency fails to process your claim? You’ve been injured at work and you’ve lodged a claim to your insurance agency. … and then you wait … and wait…. Your Workers Compensation claim … Continue reading Section 283 Workers Compensation