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Injuries suffered in a motor vehicle accident

After suffering injuries in a motor vehicle accident, feeling swamped with so many forms to fill out, and not knowing what l was, or was not to respond to, and in what order. l had no idea how to begin the process of claiming against the other party’s CTP insurance.

l contacted Steve Walker of the Walker Law Group, who was so helpful from our very first meeting. He was very professional in every area, and knew exactly what and how to claim to get the best outcomes for me. All the staff at Walker law group are very helpful and willing to assist wherever they can.

Our claim was successful and we are so thankful for Steve Walker for guiding us successfully all they way through the many twists and turns along this long and protracted journey. We believe we would never have had such a positive outcome if not for Steve Walker.

If you need a car accident compenation lawyer talk to Steve Walker.

Wiebe Balsters, Motor Vehicle Accident