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icare – Your workers Compensation Payments may have been inaccurate

Have you received a letter from icare?

According to the media, icare have written to thousands and thousands of injured people about their PIAWE (Pre-Injury Average Weekly Earnings).  An incorrect calculation process may have happened when determining your Weekly Earnings in relation to your Workers Compensation Claim.

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icare weekly compensation claim payments lawyer sydney

workers compensation claim payment lawyer sydney icare



We understand that this may raise issues for you, as your injury may have occurred nearly a decade ago, and the thought of going through it all may be daunting to you!  But don’t despair.  Walker Law Group can take charge of this review for you, on a No Win No Fee basis.

If you received workers compensation payments from October 2012, you may have received incorrect payments”

According to an icare Factsheet sent to people that may be affected, it states:-

“From October 2012, the way workers compensation payments in NSW were determined changed.  This changed the information required and the calculation process used by insurance companies to determine the weekly compensation payments for people who had sustained a work-related injury.

icare, initiated a review of how weekly workers compensation payments were determined by insurers.  In some instances missing earnings information or other issues may have resulted in people receiving incorrect payments.

If you received weekly compensation payments that started on or after 1 October 2012, you may have been underpaid.

We are inviting you to have your past weekly compensation payments reassessed to understand if you are owed money.


Why should you engage in a Lawyer to help you with your PIAWE reassessment?

By using the services of Walker Law Group, you will benefit in the following ways:-

  • Avoid the confusion – We only look after Personal Injury claims, so are quick and thorough
  • Faster processing time – When you engage with a lawyer, your matter will be reviewed in a matter of weeks, your case can jump the backlog of cases that icare would be reviewing
  • No cost to you – There is no risk to you, as our fees are covered by IRO (The Independent Review Office)

We have the expertise and interest to review your PIAWE and can get it done and reviewed within a matter of weeks.

Please get in touch with us if you get a letter like this and want free assistance on your prospects for having your PIAWE reviewed and increased.

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