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How are you going to work out your fees in a common law case?

In work cover cases we don’t charge you at all. Our fee is paid by the Government and does not come from your entitlement. If it’s a common law (negligence) based claim then all my work is done on a no win/no fee basis. That means that if there is no settlement or payment to you, we will not charge you and we cover all the disbursements.

If there is a settlement or verdict in your favour then we will not charge you more than the quote or estimate that is outlined upfront. We set a ceiling on our fee so that you get the bulk of any settlement. Lawyers are forbidden from charging a percentage of their client settlement but we are able to provide a fixed quote or ceiling estimate and quite often it’s linked to the amount that you recover as a settlement or a verdict.

And bear in mind that the insurer is meeting a proportion of your costs and disbursements in any settlement or verdict and we recover as much as is possible in relation to costs from the insurer. There won’t be any nasty surprises at the end with our estimate method.