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Forklift Accident Compensation Lawyers

Forklift Accident Compensation Lawyers Sydney

Forklift Accident Compensation Lawyers Sydney

Forklift Accident & Forklift Injuries Compensation In NSW

Forklifts are used to lift, stack and transfer loads in many workplaces across NSW. Every year, they continue to cause workplace deaths and injuries. It is reported 1,352 NSW workers were injured and three were killed in forklift incidents in the two years to July 2016.

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Some reasons for forklift injuries & forklift accidents include:

  1. Hit by a forklift because of driver error, working too close to the forklift or inadequate traffic management
  2. Hit by a load a forklift was moving because the driver did not use an attachment when one was needed, or assisting to adjust or steady the load
  3. Not wearing a seatbelt in a tip-over. The forklifts mostly tipped because operators were turning on uneven or sloping ground.

Forklift incidents can be prevented, especially when workers and businesses work together to improve health and safety at work.

Safe Work NSW has noted this alarming trend and over the recent years has made many campaigns warning employers of the dangers of forklifts.

SafeWork NSW is conducting a weeklong forklift safety blitz of Sydney businesses in response to hundreds of forklift incidents and four recent WHS prosecutions.

In 2017, four businesses were successfully prosecuted by SafeWork and fined a total of $835,000 following several forklift injuries and a death, the regulator’s executive director Peter Dunphy said.

In one case, an employer was fined $375,000 after the absence of a simple wheel chock led to a worker being fatally crushed between a forklift, a bin and a wall. (OHS Alert covered all four prosecutions across three stories – see the first three related articles below.)

Inspectors will this week be checking Sydney businesses are complying with safety and licensing laws as well as outlining some of the support available to improve forklift safety.

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