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CTP Claim testimonial. CTP claim settled for $270,000. Passenger in Motor Vehicle Accident.

Dear Sharron,

The accident in 2019 was unfortunate. I could barely move for a good few months, the neck brace was a pain and not to mention all the strong medications I was on.
There was a lot we had to spend during this period, from my family travelling to Sydney for 4 months so all the accomodation and food, all the doctor visits, the medications, the loss of one term in university.

However, I was VERY fortunate to have come across you and the Walker Law team. Ever since we’ve met, you’ve supported me through and through up until today; September 2021.
Any time I needed your help, you were readily available over email and over the phone. I’m really grateful for that. To be honest, I don’t think my healing time would have been as easy as you made it if I hadn’t met you as my lawyer. You literally took everything off my hands and handled everything so professionally and guided me like a mentor. Your full support really changed the way I saw things. I had hope that everything will be okay and that my future finances will be secured incase of any future treatments or complications.

I can keep going on and going on about how grateful I am to have met you and all the help you have given me. I’m so appreciative of you. I’m just very lucky that I had you as my Lawyer. Anyone would be lucky to have you as their lawyer. I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the support you’ve given me these two years and getting this case to a settlement. To an amount that will definitely secure my finances in the future regarding the accident injuries.

Kind Regards,


Name Withheld

CTP Claim Lawyers | Compulsory Third Party Claims | Walker Law Group


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