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Covid 19 Notice

Dear valued client and prospective client,

Walker Law Group (WLG) is fully committed to looking after the health and safety interests of both its clients and staff.

In light of the extraordinary circumstances Australia is facing, for the time being and pending resolution of the Coronavirus issue, we are offering to take instructions via telephone, Skype, facetime, Zoom or any other form of telecommunications as opposed to face to face conferences.

Rest assured we have these facilities available and have a dedicated IT team ready to assist you through any of the technical issues that may arise.

We at WLG believe that this is the best approach so as to assist yourself, your family and our staff in limiting potential exposure points.  We would hope that you also feel the same and urge you to engage with us on these options.

If you do decide to take up the option of a video call please be advised that it is our intention to organise a face to face conference as soon as the health organisations determine that we are through this difficult time.

COVID19 Compensation Lawyer Web Streaming Consultations Sydney

We do continue to offer face to face appointments however this is upon the strict basis that you provide to us confirmation that you;

  • Have not travelled to mainland China or Iran (past 14 days)
  • Have not travelled to the Republic of Korea on or after the 5th March 2020
  • Have not travelled to Italy (past 14 days)
  • Have no reported symptoms of cold or influenza
  • Are free of any of the other coronavirus symptoms

Likewise, we will also provide a similar undertaking to the best of our knowledge.

If you are unsure about your options or would like to have a further discussion on this, please feel free to contact our office where we have a dedicated team to guide you through the process.

WLG anticipates that these measures will be short-lived and we want to assure you of our dedication in providing continuity of service to you.

Please also note that these new arrangements in no way will hinder or prejudice the running of your claim by WLG.  We undertake to ensure that the matter will proceed smoothly and efficiently subject to the court system remaining open.

Together we will get through this crisis and rest assured once again we are here to assist you with your legal matter to obtain maximum compensation as quickly as possible

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and as the situation evolves we will stay in touch and advise you of any changes to our protocols.

We look forward to working with you throughout this period.

Warm regards,

Steve Walker and the team at Walker Law Group