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Construction Injuries and Workers Compensation

Have you been injured on a construction site?

Although workplace accidents can occur anywhere, construction sites represent one of the most dangerous workplaces due to the presence and movement of building materials, tradespeople, and heavy or dangerous machinery on site.

These sorts of risk factors are also often present at large industrial sites such as factories and warehouses.

Given the many hazards that can be present on a construction site, it is crucial for employers and contractors to take reasonable steps to reduce the risk of harm to workers.

An employer has a non-delegable duty of care to maintain a safe place and system of work to protect their workers. However, the delegation of responsibility on a construction site is not always clear-cut. For example, you or your employer might be taking direction from a foreman or builder that works for another company, which can mean that more than one person or company may be responsible for a worker who is injured on a job site.

At Walker Law Group we represent many workers who have been injured on construction sites. Some of the more common risks or injuries can include:

  • Slip, trips and falls
  • Falling debris from higher levels
  • Accidents that result in traumatic brain injury
  • Accidents that result from working at heights including falls from ladders, rooftops and scaffolding
  • Accidents that result from gaps in flooring, unmarked penetrations or holes in the ground
  • Accidents involving heavy or faulty machinery or industrial equipment
  • Back injuries that result from lifting bulky or heavy building products, or from performing repetitive arduous work
  • Burning eyes or skin sustained by exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Unsecured building collapses & knockdowns
  • Demolishing Accidents including fire and explosions
  • Bullying and psychological injuries
  • Welding incidents
  • Building maintenance accidents, such as window cleaners
  • Transport accidents involving cars, trucks or Utes.

Many injuries that occur on construction sites are serious and traumatic. These accidents are often extremely challenging for the injured worker and their family.

What to do if you have been injured on a construction or worksite

If you have been injured on a construction or worksite, your injury should be reported immediately. It is also helpful if you can take photos and write down the details of what occurred at the time if you are able to.

If you were injured at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation, which means you can access financial wages and medical support to help you recover.

How we can help injured workers

The New South Wales Government have developed a scheme that allows workers to access free legal advice. We recommend that injured workers seek legal advice as early as possible so that they can be fully informed about the support that they may be eligible to receive.

Your lawyer will also be able to provide you with some advice about any potentially liable third parties other than your employer. It is important to act early in these cases as there strict limitation periods that apply. Taking early steps will also help you and your representative gather contemporaneous evidence, whilst the event is fresh in your mind and in the mind of any witnesses.

If you were injured at work, then you should be supported in your recovery. If you are unhappy with your current representation, or if your insurance claim has been rejected, then call Walker Law Group to discuss the support that may be available to you and the statutory scheme or common law.

Fee structure

Injured workers are entitled to receive free legal advice in relation to their rights under the statutory workers compensation scheme as well as free legal representation in respect of any disputes issued by the insurer.

If you have been injured at work, please contact us to discuss your case. After our discussion, if you would like us to act for you, we will request a grant of funding from the New South Wales government to assist you with your claim.

At Walker Law Group we also offer to conduct common law claims on a no-win-no-fee basis. We can discuss this process with you at further if you give us a call.

At Walker Law Group we focus exclusively on personal injury claims, which means we are experts in our field and do not dilute our attention to general-practice law. If you think you have a case against your employer, or another third party then contact us so that we can discuss and assess your case.

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