Changing my Compensation Lawyer to Walker Law Group

Switching Compensation Lawyers

If you are currently being represented by another law firm and you wish to seek a second opinion about your rights and entitlements, then we suggest you call Walker Law Group.

Can I switch my Lawyer and engage with Walker Law Group?

The service we provide at Walker Law Group is far different to that experienced by clients of the major large law firms.  Often these firms promise a lot but deliver very little.  Their business models are based on high profits and low overheads.  They employ less experienced staff to do the work. 

Can I change my compensation lawyer for my claim?

 At Walker Law Group, you will be represented by an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law, which has the stamp of approval that your lawyer is a specialist in his practice area.  We are passionate about maximising your damages in a minimum time.

Is it easy to change to Walker Law Group?

It is very straightforward to move your case to Walker Law Group.  Contact us and you will not need to speak to your current lawyer ever again.

Steve Walker, Principal of Walker Law Group says,  “I’ve had experience working for a large law firm and it was one of the worst experiences of my life.The firm was a publicly listed company.Its sole purpose was to make money for shareholders and the client experience was terrible.The firm overcharge clients and provided very scant service.The clients were left to languish and it was an appalling experience to witness.I stayed there for a very short time and after having complained to their senior management about their conduct, they chose to terminate my employment.

Having had that experience, I am now firmly entrenched in my view that injured people deserve a better experience and I conduct my practice accordingly.I often have to take over matters and I see the poor preparation of matters conducted by other law firms in this practice area.”

Can I switch my compensation lawyer for my claim?