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Changes To Car Accident Law In NSW

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Following extensive consultation, the government is poised to introduce new laws which will be in operation from 1 December 2017.

These are designed to completely revamp the third party scheme in New South Wales. It will now be incumbent on all claimants to give immediate Notice of Claims as soon as possible after accidents have occurred and then be eligible for up to six months’ worth of compensation benefits in terms of income loss compensation, medical treatment and other compensation benefits. Following the six-month period there will be decision made by the insurer as to whether the injuries are serious enough to warrant further treatment and further compensation benefits.

The scheme will depend on claimants being aware of what is involved and they need to seek urgent legal advice if they are in doubt about their particular circumstances in these. At the same time lawyers will be limited in what advice they can provide because of the limited legal cost available in respect of acting for claimants.

The seriousness of injuries will determine just how far the claim is going to go and whether there will be settlements for benefits after two years, five years or indefinitely. This is a drastic change compared with the present scheme and on balance it will require a tremendous amount of extra work on the part of claimants probably without the benefit of legal advice. At Walker Law Group we are prepared to provide advice to you to assist with any queries or concerns. 

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