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Challenging Section 78

Challenging Section 78 Workers Compensation Claim Denied in NSW

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Our client’s weekly payments were stopped and her previous solicitor had gotten her a lump sum payment. Walker Law Group investigated the claim further and found our client had gotten worse.  Our Workers Compensation Lawyers were able to make a further lump sum claim for her. Her claim was denied under Section 78 which we successfully overturned. She was employed as a pattern maker. She received a very generous settlement amount for a further Personal Injury Damages Claim.

I Martha Joseph, am pleased to provide a testimonial for Walker Law Group. Steve has handled my workers compensation claim. I have known Steve Walker since 2007 to 2019. He has won many of my battles. The reinstatement of my weekly Workcover payments. Injury claim from my Super. With the new legislation my weekly was stopped. With heavy restrictions and the responsibility placed on me by the insurer. I couldn’t find suitable employment. Neither could I get any assistance from the number of rehab providers. It was Steve Walker who found solutions.

I always found Steve to be honest, trustworthy and generous with his time. He has provided detailed but easy to understand advice and managed my claim very well. I am very happy with the service and results. I recommend The Walker Law Group.

Challenging Section 78 Workers Compensation Claim Denial - Walker Law Group