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Workers Compensation Involving Motor Vehicle Compensation

Workers Compensation Involving Motor Vehicle Compensation   Walker Law Group Compensation Lawyers Sydney are specialists in Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Law. If you have been involved in a Work place accident, involving a motor vehicle accident, talk to the Accredited Specialists at Walker Law Group. 1300 363 013 Case Study: Spratt v Perilya Broken … Continue reading Workers Compensation Involving Motor Vehicle Compensation

Medical Negligence Compensation $100,000 Settlement

In November 2008 Christine visited a local dentist to obtain treatment in relation to a number of different dental issues. For about six months the dentist performed a number of procedures on Christine’s teeth including endodontic treatment, replacing a missing tooth and general whitening and cleaning of teeth. Unfortunately for Christine, the dentist saw fit … Continue reading Medical Negligence Compensation $100,000 Settlement

Car Accident Compensation $65,000 Claim

Elizabeth is a 23 year old woman from Sydney. In the early hours of 22 December 2013, Elizabeth was travelling in a car with her fiancé along Balmoral Street, Blacktown.  When they approached the intersection of Balmoral Street and Newtown Road another car attempted to make a right turn into Newtown Road from Balmoral Street.  Elizabeth’s fiancé … Continue reading Car Accident Compensation $65,000 Claim