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Car accident compensation Lawyers – win payout $235,000

Car Accident Compensation Claim

After a car accident with myself and small children left me with a back injury, significant impact on family income and emotional health, Steve Walker stepped in to help. Being local, he came to my home quickly, listened, reassured and we worked together for two years throughout the many twists and turns of this unfortunate incident.

He was meticulous, thorough and ensured that every avenue for treatment and compensation available to me was explored. He dealt with the insurance company with rigour and consistency. It was an arduous journey.

I could not have navigated it without the support of Steve and his whole team. They came to know me well. I thank them, and recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in need of a strong, compassionate legal professional in their corner.  Contact Steve Walker Car Accident Compensation Lawyers Sydney for further information.

Thank you. Many battles ahead still family-wise, but I am certainly in a better position now to handle them, so thank you.

Name Withheld, January 2016