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Car Accident Compensation $65,000 Claim

Elizabeth is a 23 year old woman from Sydney.

In the early hours of 22 December 2013, Elizabeth was travelling in a car with her fiancé along Balmoral Street, Blacktown.  When they approached the intersection of Balmoral Street and Newtown Road another car attempted to make a right turn into Newtown Road from Balmoral Street.  Elizabeth’s fiancé attempted to avoid colliding with the oncoming vehicle, but was unsuccessful and the vehicles collided.

Elizabeth has suffered significant back pain, intermittent neck pain and headaches as a result.

Since the accident, despite being in pain Elizabeth went to work the following Monday, 23 December 2013.  Shortly after starting, she soon found she was in too much pain to continue work.  She left early and attended her GP directly.

She again attempted to return to work on 27 December 2013, Elizabeth was only working a half day again because of her lower back condition.  Again, she consulted her family general practitioner and obtained a medical certificate.

It was at this time Elizabeth sought legal advice from Walker Law Group and her claim was lodged.

Unfortunately her back condition did not improve and she had to take several days off work towards the end of February and then early in March 2014.

She was able to find employment recently and the time of her settlement in October was working full-time.

Negotiations with the CTP insurer resulted in her finalising her car accident compensation claim for the total amount of $110,000.00, with her receiving just under $65,000.00 in the hand.