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Bus Injury Compensation “Another Compensation Win For Walker Law Group”

Bus Injury Compensation Claim Lawyer Sydney
Bus injury Compensation – Regarding Mark C, he suffered injuries to his  neck, lower back and left knee on 19/3/2015 when he struck by a bus in Sydney’s CBD whilst visiting Sydney for work purposes – he lives and works in Western Australia.   He made a claim for workers compensation benefits and also made a claim under the NSW CTP scheme. Despite the NSW CTP insurer denying liability we were able to achieve a lump-sum settlement which allowed for a reduced (halved) recovery amount to the WA Workers compensation insurer once Mr C had completed his treatment, with the remaining settlement monies paid to him. A difficult case which was settled to Mr C with satisfaction by Walker Law Group.

Antonin I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you, your team and to Walker Law Group more broadly  for the professional manner in which I have been legally represented for my personal injury claim.

At all times you have acted with my best interest in mind and have ensured at each step of the way that I  understood the legal position, the process, potential  options for action as well as the corresponding potential benefits and risks of each.
It is without hesitation that I would recommend you and Walker Law Group to anyone seeking a highly professional and ethical legal professional for personal injury related claims.

Thankyou and Kind Regards,

Mark C