Bottle Explodes in Hand Public Liability Claim Settled $95,000

Bottle Explodes in Hand Public Liability Claim Settled $95,000

Public Liability Case settled for $95,000. 

Our clients injuries occurred on the 8th December 2019 at approximately 10:00am. At the time of the incident our client recalls that he was shopping in a supermarket at Warriewood. He recalls that he was performing his routine weekly grocery shopping expedition for his family. He recalls that he was pushing a trolley when he stopped in the drink section to pick up two glass bottles of a health drink. Each bottle was approximately 330ml. Our client recalls that the shelf was at chest height. He picked a bottle of drink up by the neck with his right hand and by the neck with his left hand. As he was turning around to place the bottles into his shopping trolley he recalls that one of the bottles exploded in his right hand. At first he was not aware of what it had happened having only heard a loud noised. He then looked down and saw drinkliquid everywhere including all over his shirt. The bottle in his right hand had essentially shattered into many small pieces. Our cient noted a puncture wound over the flexural aspect of his right ring finger overlying the proximal phalanx. He also noted several other minor cuts to his right hand. There was bleeding from his right ring finger wound. He recalls that staff at the Supermarket Store came to his aid. The mess was subsequently cleaned up by the supermarket staff. He was taken out the back of the Store to the first aid room. His wound was cleaned and a Band-Aid was applied to his left ring finger. Our client recalls that an incident report form was filled out by the Supermarket Store. Our client was able to subsequently go home. Over the next five days our client states that he did feel minor discomfort in his right ring finger and kept changing the Band-Aids on his wound on his right ring finger. Then at around midday on 13th December 2019 whilst at a work function he recalls that he suddenly began experiencing excruciating pain and worsening swelling over the flexural aspect of his right finger. His symptoms quickly progressed over two hours to the point where he was unable to tolerate the pain. He called his parents (who lived nearby the work function) and his parents picked up from the work function and drove him to the Northern Beaches Hospital Emergency Department.
At the Northern Beaches Hospital Emergency Department our clients right ring finger was assessed. It was determined that he had sustained a right ring finger flexor tendon sheath infection. He was admitted under the care of the orthopaedic team at the Northern Beaches Hospital.

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