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Bakery Worker Compensation Claim

Work Injury Damage Claim.

Our client confirms that he had begun working at a Bakers factory in 2008 as a forklift driver. He began casually and then progressed to working full time. In November of 2016, he was pushing “a dolly of bread while at work”. This was estimated to weigh 100 kg. He had felt a “sudden sharp pain” in his left foot and heel. He reported this to his supervisor. He finished his shift and went home and rested. He woke up in pain and the pain had continued for the next few weeks. Two weeks later, he had consulted his GP, he was prescribed with analgesia and medical imaging was later arranged. Physiotherapy provided no benefit. He later had a bone scan which revealed a fracture. He was placed in a CAM boot thereafter for a six-week period in this boot. He was allowed to turn to work “but my employer told me not to until I had fully recovered from my injuries, I have not been able to work since”. 

He had surgery for his injury in 2018 and states that following that surgery, he had developed pain in his left hip and left knee. He states he was “constantly limping”. He received a left total knee replacement in April of 2019. He states that this was “severely delayed” due to issues with the insurer. Whilst in hospital he developed a deep vein thrombosis. He recalls pain in his right knee in 2013 “it did not stop me from working” and on a supplementary statement dated 31 May 2020, he confirms that he had pain in both knees prior to the heel injury. The right knee pain would fluctuate as did the pain in the left side. He refers to his job as having made this pain worse. An assessment of degree of permanent impairment where a 17% level of whole person impairment was noted. Various independent orthopaedic surgeon reports are noted. Medical records from his GP spanning various dates make reference to his ongoing injuries and treatment for the same and I also note entries such as 26 July 2019, which states, “sees psychologist monthly” and a diagnosis of “adjustment disorder with depressed and anxious mood” is noted. “Stress” is also noted in entries from mid2017. Medical notes from the period prior to his foot injury do not make reference to any mental health difficulties.  A provisional diagnosis of adjustment disorder, mixed anxiety and depression was made at that time.

Victim of a Workplace Accident.

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