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Walker Law Group are continuing to help clients with their workers compensation claims and are proud to be improving the pre-injury average weekly earnings (PIAWE) claims where the calculations through icare may not have been accurate.icare are in the media right now - newspaper advertisements, radio advertisements, social media, all suggesting that your PIAWE payments may not be accurate, and providing links for people that may be affected to request a review.The process is pretty straight forward, however, they may just be processing the same information as last time, and your review may result in an UNCHANGED status.Insurers have faced challenges in the past with these calculations, and those that have suffered an injury at work have often felt emotionally and physically drained as the result of the process.If this is you, you may want to engage in a Compensation Claims specialist lawfirm like Walker Law Group. We operate on a NO WIN NO FEE basis, as we are funded by IRO (The Independent Review Office). You have absolutely nothing to lose by engaging with us.Walker Law Group are experts at calculating the correct PIAWE and have been getting it right since 2012. We are a specialist Personal Injury Law Firm, who understand how the insurers process claims, the tactics they use, and have a 99% success-rate for our clients.For one of our clients we were able to secure more than a 70% increase in weekly payments, the icare reviewer said that they can't believe they missed it!We can ensure a PIAWE calculation that you can be confident with.

What happens when my claim is submitted?

It is likely that you or your lawyer (whoever lodged the claim dispute) will receive an email from icare, the PI Claims Reviews team, with the subject of PIAWE review.

The email will probably say something along the lines of,

We refer to your client’s Application for Review of your Pre-Injury Average Weekly Earnings (PIAWE)"

Your case review will be assigned to an icare Dispute Resolution and Litigation team member.

An estimated date will be provided when the review should be completed, which will also be provided in writing.

The review process involves consideration of the evidence available to determine the worker’s PIAWE, including the evidence provided in the Application. icare will have complete access to the worker’s claim file.

The review process is transparent and icare may request information from your employer which may assist in calculating the PIAWE.

What happens if my claim is accepted?

Once again you or your lawyer handling the claim dispute will receive an email from icare with their verdict. It will be from the PI Claims Review team, and is generally titled, “Outcome - PIAWE Review”

The email may start with some wording like,

We are writing to let you know that our review of your client’s PIAWE is now complete.

The outcome of the review is that your PIAWE has been calculated as $X.XX. After applying indexation, your current PIAWE is $X. “, the amount may be what you have been advised it could be based on the revised calculations, or it could be a different figure.

Attached to the email will be the Review Outcome outlining the reasons for their calculation and the information considered.

It’s very clear and concise and steps through the details of your compensation claim.

The Review Outcome may also outline your options for seeking a further review if you are not satisfied with the decision.

The claims team will also have been informed of the outcome, and will be responsible for reconciling all weekly payments made since the start of your entitlement to weekly compensation, and processing any relevant adjustment to you.

What details will be on the review outcome of my icare Workers Insurance Claim?

A request for your review has been completed

Summary of decision

  • A review decision has been made that will increase / decrease / remain unchanged your weekly payments.
  • This decision will take effect from <date>.

What you need to do

  • A case manager can help you further should you need it.
  • The Details
  • Worker
  • Injury
  • Date of Injury
  • Employer
  • Claim Number
  • The Original Decision date
  • The issues reviewed (The calculation of your PIAWE amount in accordance with the law)
  • Summary of the review decision
  • Reasons for the review decision (This should be quite clear in relation to your case and why they made the decision)
  • The effect of the review decision on your weekly payments
  • The effect of the review decision on your medical or related treatment expenses.

It will then explain how they have calculated your weekly payment amount

Lawyers that can help you with your PIAWE Claim Review

Kevin Sawers Compensation Personal Injury Lawyer Parramatta

Kevin Sawers | Lawyer | PIAWE ClaimsT 02 8046 9700F 02 9977 4423E ksawers@walkerlawgroup.com.auParramatta office:Suite 11, 2 Horwood Place, PARRAMATTA NSW 2150[caption id="attachment_7349" align="aligncenter" width="650"]

PIAWE Review Process Sydney Compensation Claims lawyer

PIAWE Review Process Sydney Compensation Claims lawyer[/caption]

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